Volume V will regard Christian Tritt (1796 - 1871), the ninth child of Peter Tritt and Elizabeth Lefever. Christian married Lydia Stough in 1820 and they had 14 children. Most of this family remained in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, where they were born. Many of their descendants live(d) there.

We are assembling data for Volume V and looking for photos, biographies, family stories, genealogical and other information on persons in this Christian's line. Please send copies of pertinent items and information to Richard Tritt, 33 Silver Maple Drive, Boiling Springs, PA 17007-9598, or e-mail him at

Volume VI is well on its way. Most all the Tritts and Dritts in America are descendants of the first son of our shared Progenitor, Jacob Tritten (abt. 1562-abt. 1634). This volume will include an account of an eleventh generation direct-line descent from the second son of our shared Progenitor, Jacob Tritten. For historical background it will present information on what life was like in the Obersimmental from the 13th Century. It will give an account of each and every Tritten/Tritt generation in this line in Europe and then tell the story of what happened after one immigrant Swiss of that line arrived in America in 1866. Also, this volume will include descendants with the surname Dritt, as in Colonel Johann Jacob Dritt. The story of Jacob Dritt (1746-1817) can be found in Volume I