Preparation of the next two volumes of Tritt family history and genealogy is well underway. Tritt Family History, Volume IV will regard Joseph Tritt (1786 - 1873) and his descendants. Joseph was the fifth child of Peter Tritt (1755 - 1839) and wife Elizabeth Lefever, and married Catherine Sweigert Rhodes in 1809. After their first two children were born, Joseph and Catherine left Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and moved to Ohio. There they had ten (10) more children. There are many descendants of this large family.

Content of Volume IV is complete and we are performing needed tasks prior to printing. If we can obtain sufficient Patron Donors to finance costs of printing, we hope to publish Volume IV in latter 2019

Volume V will regard Christian Tritt (1796 - 1871), the ninth child of Peter Tritt and Elizabeth Lefever. Christian married Lydia Stough in 1820 and they had 14 children. Most of this family remained in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, where they were born. Many of their descendants live(d) there.

We are assembling data for Volume V and looking for photos, biographies, family stories, genealogical and other information on persons in this Christian's line. Please send copies of pertinent items and information to Richard Tritt, 33 Silver Maple Drive, Boiling Springs, PA 17007-9598, or e-mail him at