Tritt Family History - Volume IV
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Volume IV presents the story of Joseph Tritt (1786-1873) of Ohio. Born in Pennsylvania like his father, Joseph was the adventurous one who decided to move west where the land was cheap and new opportunities awaited. In Ohio he speculated in land, and became involved in farming as well as milling. He raised a large family who perpetuated his line in Ohio and beyond.

It is with great pride that Tritt Family Research publishes its largest work to date, Volume IV of Tritt Family History. This is the first volume dedicated to a grandson of the immigrant Hans Peter Tritt, (see Volume I for more on the immigration of the brothers Hans Peter and Christian Tritt). At more than double the size of our previous volumes, this work contains an extensive compilation of the descendants of Joseph Tritt. We hope you will enjoy learning about his life, his descendants and his legacy that continues in the lives of his many descendants today.


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About the Authors and Researchers
Descendant Charts


Section I - The Life and Times of Joseph Tritt

Joseph Tritt in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
History of Summit County, Ohio

Pennsylvania Dutch in Northeast Ohio
Joseph Tritt Land Deals
Family Visiting - Lefever Diary
The Route to Ohio as Described in the John Lefever Diary
Joseph Tritt Family Bible
Mills and Milling
The Tritt Mills
The Comet Church of God
The Passing of Joseph and Catharine Sweigart (Rhodes) Tritt

Section II - Family Data

Descendants of Joseph Tritt (1786-1873)


Section III - Family Stories

The Children of Joseph Tritt and Catharine Sweigart Rhodes
Joseph Tritt’s Pet Bear
The Murder of Andrew Kepler
Buchtel-Tritt Family Reunions
The Last Will and Testament of John Andrew Buchtel
Summit County Tritts in the Civil War
Brothers-in-Law Battle
Daniel Harman
The Murder of Clarence Barnes
The Tritt Rose
Percy E. Buchtel
The Werntz Family

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