Tritt Family History - Volume III
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Volume III regards Christian Tritt (1719 - 1801), one of the two Tritt brothers who are the first known Tritts in America (1739). It details his life and times and those of many of his descendants, and includes an extensive genealogy of his branch of the Tritt family.

Many of Christian Tritt's descendants use(d) variants of the 'Tritt' name, like Trait, Trate, Treat, and others, complicating the family lineage. Volume III contains the genealogy of nearly all of Christian's descendants to present. Volumes I and III together give documented history and genealogy of Christian's line from 1562 to 2014.

There are often errata involved with any publication. On Page 44 of Tritt Family History, Volume III there is a photo of David Kline of Family Heirloom Weavers (not 'Family Heritage Weavers' as stated in the photo caption) in Red Lion, PA. He is shown using a rare student Jacquard hand loom. Mr. Kline produces altar cloths with the "communion table" jacquard pattern developed by William Tritt Williams. The erroneous company name also appears on Page 45 and in the Index on Page 145. We humbly apologize to Mr. Kline for this mistake.

Family Heirloom Weavers Show House & Mill Tours is located at 775 Meadowview Drive in Red Lion, PA 17356. Mail order and shipping is at 601 W. Maple St., Red Lion, PA. This textile mill produces beautiful coverlets, table runners, pillows, etc. They were chosen to produce the historically correct bunting for the replica "Star Spangled Banner" flag to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle for Baltimore. It was displayed at Camden Yard for the opening on the 2014 Baltimore Orioles season.


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Section I - The Life and Times of Christian and Henry Tritt

Christian Tritt ( 1719-1801)
The Christian Tritt/Treat Properties

Berks County and Chester County, Pennsylvania
Henry Tritt (1742-1793) and Elisabetha Morgen (1749-1815)
The Children of Henry Tritt and Elisabetha Morgen
Christian Treat (1770-1822)
Jacob Tritt (1772-1821)
Anna Maria Drill (abt. 1774-1806)
Johm Treat (1777-1813)
Catharine Tritt (1779-1860)
Samuel Trate (1783-1842)
Elizabeth Tritt (1785-1849)
Isaac Treat (1789-1844)
Abraham Treat (1792-1856)

An Historical Overview of Paradise Township
The Holtzschwamm Church
Tritt Family Weavers in America
Tritt Family Clergymen

Section II - Family Data

A Family Album
Descendants of Christian Tritt (1719-1801)


Section III - Descendants of Note

Johannes/John Trait (1803-Bef. 1890)
Philip Treat (1830-1883)
Aaron G. Trait (1858-1946)
Samuel E. Trait (1887-1959)
William Tritt Williams (1815-1903)
David Gross Williams (1840-1910)
Henry Ezekiel Williams (1833-1903)

Section IV - Family Stories

Charles Woodrow Trate (1914-2005)
Harry Marvin Trate (1916-2004)
Henry Stuart Williams (1906-1992)


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