The bell at the church
at St. Stephan, Switzerland.


Welcome to the website of Tritt Family Research, a non-profit organization incorporated in Pennsylvania, dedicated to research and publication of documented TRITT (TRITTEN, DRITT, TRAIT, TRATE, TREAT, and similar) family history and genealogy. Our surname originated in Switzerland as TRITTEN, with the earliest documented written entry of a Petrus Tritten from March, 1485. Our family origin for most of us is the Obersimmental region (St. Stephan area) in Bern Canton, Switzerland, dating to the 1500s. The first known Tritt(en) immigrants to America were brothers Hans Peter (1715) and Christian (1719) Tritt, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1739.

Three volumes of Tritt Family History, including genealogy, are now published.  Volume I covers Tritt history from ca. 1500 (documented from 1562) through the children of  Hans Peter and Christian, each born in the mid-1700s and the first known American-born Tritts.  Volume II covers Johann Paul, b. 1752 and the second son of Hans Peter Tritt, and Paul’s descendants to the present.  And our Volume III covers immigrant brother Christian Tritt and his descendants to the present, many with derived surnames Trait, Trate, Treat, Treet, or similar.  Each volume also contains related information pertinent to the people, places, and times related in the book.  Now underway are our Volume IV, covering Joseph Tritt (1786), and Volume V, covering Christian Tritt (1796), and their descendants. These brothers were sons of Peter Tritt (1755) and grandsons of Hans Peter Tritt (1715). We hope to publish Volume IV in 2020.

Our genealogic publications can only be as complete as our records. Print copies of the Family Records Form from this website and use them to send us your family data. Since 1980 we have published periodic newsletters, all of which may be viewed on this website. Funding for our work is almost entirely from gratefully received private contributions, with a very small portion derived from the sale of items of interest to Tritt family members. See Tritt Items elsewhere on this website; some items are available only while supplies last. We are always glad to welcome new members to Tritt Family Research, and you need not be a genealogist. Help is needed; join us at our next annual meeting in Carlisle, PA. Thank you for your interest in Tritt Family Research

Leonard W. Tritt, President
Tritt Family Research

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